Providing boat, captain only.

Limited to six (6) paying passengers unless there is a demised charter agreement which includes a second document hiring a captain 'familiar with local waters', in which case the maximum number of paying clients would be ten (10).

Liability waivers must be signed by all passengers.

2019 Rates
$300/hr., minimum two hours
$1000 half day (4 hrs.)
$1600 daytime sailing (8 hrs.)
$2600 for a 24 hr. time period, additional time per above for part of a second day
Reduced rate for multiple days

Any fuel, mooring, dockage, and ground transportation requirements incurred would be additional costs.

Transit time at $100/hr. Embarking/disembarking ports as can be agreed.

Food and beverage to be provided by clients.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Amex

Brokers Protected



You are welcome, with or without our assistance, to prepare foodstuffs on board. Should you want to contract the services of a food provider, CCYC works with several caterers who are prepared to discuss your needs. We will arrange for the prepared items to be delivered to the boat just before departure time.

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