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Marlissa Briggett. "A Sailor's Dream". Chatham Magazine May 15, 2013.

Quote excerpts from "A Sailor's Dream":

On a Midnight Watch You Realize...

For the last two years, Jeffrey Weinsten of North Salem, New York has chartered the Tyrone with friends and family for weekend trips to Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. Two years ago, he brought his friend Dennis who had never sailed before. When they arrived at the Tyrone at 11 p.m., Sutphin decided to take advantage of the tides and weather by sailing to Martha’s Vineyard immediately. Dennis stood at the helm while Weinsten and Sutphin worked on the rigging. By choice, Dennis never relinquished the wheel for the entire six and a half hour ride to Martha’s Vineyard. "The footnote to that story is that he was so in love, he bought his own sailboat this year," says Weinsten. "It changed his life."

Racing the Wind

People with a taste for racing can sign on to crew for Sutphin during regattas. At $250 – $500 to participate in a race, Sutphin says it's a bargain: "It's a hell of a lot cheaper than owning her!" The Tyrone is proving herself a contender. In each of the last two years, she has won the Fisherman's Cup, a schooner race from Gloucester to Provincetown. The night before the race, the crews from all the boats share a banquet together and then visit one another's boats. Don Milbier, who has crewed both years, describes his first regatta as "exhilarating." The record breaking speed made it "like a sleigh ride surfing the waves."

A Posthumous Sail

Before Walt McArthur passed away in 2011, he had asked that his ashes be scattered over his favorite fishing spot, northwest of Martha's Vineyard. His sister Bet asked Sutphin to sail down to Woods Hole to pick up Walt's family, friends and a bagpiper who stood on the deck and piped them out of Woods Hole. They spent a beautiful June day sailing the Tyrone, all of the sailors in the group taking the helm at some point in the day. In homage to Walt, a blues harp musician, they listened to "loud, stompin blues," raised Walt's tye-died shirt on the yard arm far above them, and took turns flinging his harmonicas into the sea.

Reconnecting with an Old Flame

Architect Don Grinberg first became acquainted with the Tyrone in 1967 when he sailed her in Norway and Sweden during college. For years, he wondered what had become of her. A couple of years ago, he learned she was docked close to his summer place in Bass River. He tracked down Sutphin and the two became quick friends, bonding over their shared love of the Tyrone and sailing. Now Grinberg juggles his work schedule so he can "steal moments" on the Tyrone. He likes to recall moments on the Tyrone when "it's blowing strongly. She's heeling and moving really well. I love to be at the helm and share the vibration with the other people on the boat. It's an idealized moment."

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